“Shiatsu is a form of manipulation with thumbs, fingers and hand palms, with which pressure is applied on the human skin without the use of any tools to correct internal disorders, to improve or maintain health,

and to treat specific problems“  

- definition according to the Japanese Ministry of health

Certain forms of massage have been around since the dawn of humanity. When someone feels pain, he will react intuitively by rubbing or pushing on the sore spot with his hands. In this natural action lays the true roots of shiatsu. Shiatsu is a preventive medicine in the first place: a method to prevent illnesses and to aid health. That’s why it’s not considered “medicine” in the western meaning of the word. Shiatsu is a study of health. It aims to keep the body and mind in optimal condition so that symptoms don’t arise anymore.

How does shiatsu work?

The human body and mind are seen as part of the universe while the meridians (= an energy channel through which Ki flows and which is connected with an organ and certain bodily functions)and organs are ruled by the forces of the universe and manifested in yin and yang and the five elements. In a healthy person, neither yin or yang predominates and none of the elements dominates over the other four: everything is in balance. Disease is seen as a blockage in the flow of energy.

Shiatsu influences the flow of energy via the meridians and the many acupuncture points or tsubos (=an energy point on a meridian. By manipulation in the tsubo electrical conductance can be influenced). In doing so, it supports the body’s self-healing powers and intervenes directly with the symptoms. Shiatsu is, therefore, an ideal vehicle to understand, improve and maintain our physical and psychological health.

Shiatsu: goals and effects

Shiatsu brings deep and natural relaxation and is ideal for people suffering from issues related to their Western lifestyle, such as stress, insomnia, heart palpitations, rigidity, …

It also has a proven effect on:

  • Skin
  • Muscles
  • Blood circulation
  • Lymphatic system
  • Cerebrospinal liquid
  • Breathing
  • Autonomous nervous system and energy flow

The goal of shiatsu is to stimulate the body’s self-healing capacity, strengthen the immune system and support general health by balancing the energy flow.                              

What to wear

Please wear something loose and comfortable to lie down in. Long-sleeved T-shirt or loose shirt, with loose or stretchy trousers is ideal. If you know you tend to feel the cold, you can wear a jumper or sweatshirt and thick socks!

Arrive on time

We offer a personalised report free of charge, this takes about half an hour. If you want to make use of this extra service please calculate extra time for this.     

Time to relax

Please switch off your phone before you enter the treatment center. It is a time to relax and leave your daily worries behind.