5 Senses Experience

5 senses

A unique experience where we take you on a journey and bring you back in touch with your 5 senses.

We live in a world where everything moves very quickly. We run from A to B, we are far too much in the mental and most of the time we live in the past or in the future. Society, our work, family and friends are very demanding. When was the last time you really did something for yourself? With this unique experience we want to bring the connection between your physical, mental and spiritual body back into alignment. Making you aware of your senses again and giving you a taste of a unique experience. After such an experience, you are more in connection with your intuition, your soul and less in conditioning with the influences that have tried to mold you to what is right and wrong.... But to the person you really are. We should ask ourselves every morning who I am and what am I here to do?

Let yourself be taken by your senses and experience your full power.

Welcome to this unique experience where we take you on a journey and connect you back with your 5 senses.

➢    Taste

➢    See

➢    Smell

➢    Feel

➢    Hear

Taste and see: The Japanese tea ceremony

Japanese tradition is steeped in history. It is a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking green tea typically in a traditional tea room with tatami floor. Beyond just serving and receiving tea, one of the main purposes of the tea ceremony is for the guests to enjoy the hospitality of the host in an atmosphere distinct from the fast pace of everyday life.

Smell: Incense ritual

When incense is burnt, the odorous molecules are agitated by the heat and diffused without burning. When they reach the nasal cavity, they trigger a signal that the olfactory nerve transmits directly to the limbic brain, the source of our emotions. Depending on the scent, we can feel calm or full of energy.

Hear: Receive a Sound healing session

When used in sound healing, singing bowls are sometimes referred to as healing bowls or chakra bowls. In sound healing, or “sound massage,” the bowls are played around and sometimes placed on the body of the receiver of the treatment. The practitioner uses the resonance of the bowls’ harmonic vibrations within the human body for balancing and relaxation. Some sound healers seek to activate or balance the body’s chakras, or energy centers.


More and more people begin to meditate, but quickly become frustrated and give up. We think meditation may be 1 hour without any thought. As soon as a thought arises we think we have failed and stop. For me, meditation is studying your mind. Your mind, I call it the monkey mind. The mind is made to think. My technique is easy, give the monkey work, like concentration on sound e.g. Every time the mind wanders bring it back into the present moment. You don't get results if you go to the gym 1 time, do you? If in time you get the mind calm then you can listen to your soul better. The soul knows and is not conditioned (Ego) by society, your parents, school etc. Come try with us and let go of what they expect from you and get more in alignment with who you really are. I call it the sixth sense.



What to wear

Please wear something loose and comfortable to lie down in. Long-sleeved T-shirt or loose shirt, with loose or stretchy trousers is ideal. If you know you tend to feel the cold, you can wear a jumper or sweatshirt and thick socks!

Arrive on time

We offer a personalised report free of charge, this takes about half an hour. If you want to make use of this extra service please calculate extra time for this.     

Time to relax

Please switch off your phone before you enter the treatment center. It is a time to relax and leave your daily worries behind.