Ancient Massage & Energy Healing course 

Ancient Massage & Energy Healing course 

In this six days course we focus on healing yourself and others, on an energetic, physical and mental level. All three of the levels are connected with each other and need to be in balance for good health.

Dates 2019 (past event):

Friday 24 May - Wednesday 29 May

From 7:00 am until 7:00 pm


Dates 2020 available soon

If these dates don't suit you, check out Rahul’s Europe tour 2019 at the bottom of this page.

A typical day at the course

08:00 Yoga or Tai chi session

09:00 Breakfast   (details: vegan)

10:00 Anatomy/physiology/healing

13:00 Lunch  (details: vegan)

14:00 Meditation/chants/singing bowls

15:00 Ancient stretch or massage

17:00 Gratitude/Afternoon tea/social exchange

18:00 Dinner  (details: vegan)

19:00 Personal time

* Please note that the schedule is subject to change, as it will follow the flow of the day and the opportunities of the moment


Rahul Bharti, (photograph by Sander Troelstra)


What will you learn at this course?

In this course, you will learn the anatomy and physiology of the energetic system of the human being. This is not just a simple theory from a book, but taught from the teachers own experience after studying with various tribes and other teachers around the world.

When we understand how our energetic body works, we can become more conscious about our own energy system. You will learn a cleansing program to take care of yourself by preventing and unblocking stagnated energy and maintaining a healthy energy flow through the body. Part of this program exists of practical exercises that balance the male and female energy and a grounding exercise.

On a physical level, you will learn a 90 minutes routine Ancient stretches, exercises that are part of the root of yoga. Ancient stretches are very powerful to strengthen your body and they can be used as a therapy to heal many physical issues.

You will also learn to perform a 90 minutes routine of Ancient Massage in the style of Dr. Jivaka Kumar Baccha. Ancient Massage is a simple way of obtaining all the benefits of yoga without any effort for the receiver, that's why sometimes it's referred to as “Yoga for the lazy man”.

The giver uses techniques as gentle stretching, pressure points, touch and passive yoga postures given with various body parts as fingers, thumbs, hand palms, elbows, knees and the feet. The performance is given in a meditative mood while the receiver is laying on a mat on the ground.

Another ancient healing method that you will be introduced to is the use of sound healing with singing bowls. Our body exists for 60% of water. Sometimes we have an energetic blockage and this water is not moving. The vibration of the singing bowls induces the water and energy to flow again.

Next to all of this, there will be plenty of time for students to ask personal questions or bring in certain topics.


Rahul Bharti, (photograph by Sander Troelstra)
Rahul Bharti, (photograph by Sander Troelstra)

The teacher, Rahul Bharti


Rahul Bharti, born in India, started his career as a therapist at an unusual young age by learning the art of Ancient Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His wish to help others and curiosity towards various healing techniques, and especially with the energetic system of the human body, was supported by his father who gave him the opportunity to learn and live with various tribes and healers in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Later on, gathering knowledge and developing his intuitive insight, he studied and practised in the north and south of Thailand with local healers.

For many years Rahul is sharing his experience in the field of healing by teaching Ancient Massage and Energy Healing at his school, The Healing Hands Center, in Nepal. His aim is to teach his students how to heal themselves with a warm hearted support and guidance wherever is needed.

Prices and options

6-day course including breakfast, lunch and dinner : €849,-

Lodging options :

-1 shared double room : € 25,- p.p.p.n.*

- sleeping out with the stars: €15,- p.n. **

*double room can be booked as a single : €40,- for 1 p.p.n.

**Bring your own camping gear or use one of our 2 comfortable mattresses to sleep out in the open.


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NOTE: Please bring loose, comfortable clothes so you can move freely.


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